Enhancing your beauty...



A registered makeover outfit that was founded in 2009 is dedicated to serving individuals and corporate clients who desire to enhance their unique looks, or that of their client, using make-up products and professional techniques.

Our Values
We are poised to capture the online market within  Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We intend to make our services professional yet fun for we the Women of Colours.

To enrich women of all colours with the knowledge of inner beauty, to bring them under the umbrella of fashion and beauty.


EVOLVE is a beauty and fashion entity that desires to become a household name primarily amongst Nigerian females and thereafter African females and beyond.

It is also involved in building up our clients confidence in the fashion world thereby making them know that beauty lies within every-woman who is willing to go a mile.

To be the first choice for every woman to seek out when they think of professional makeup artistry.